Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Praying to finish the race . . . strong and soon!

Hi Everyone!First we want to thank you all for your prayers and support in the past 6 months through this wonderful but crazy journey we have been on. God was faithful in providing just what we needed to do everything that needed to be done to get Kristina to the United States, but we still have to finish paying for her adoption expenses. We were blessed by a Christian friend who was willing to wait for his payments and the payments to his staff of which he covered in order to bring Kristina to safety. Now, since we have taken a month to settle in as a family, we need to focus on paying these expenses as quickly as possible. It is very hard to fund raise after bringing home your adopted child, but I am praying people will still understand that we need to continue with our efforts to raise funds. Also, if you would join us in prayer, that the Lord will continue to show us His plan for these expenses being covered, either by donations or work, we are ready to do whatever we can.
We thought our total was going to be $3500.00 left to raise, and hoped to have a yard sale and sell our hot tub to cover it. Today we found out that the form for the reimbursement grant we were told we qualified for through UPS, and took time to submit for an additional $3500.00 was only for supervisors, not employees. So, now we need to raise $7000.00 to complete this adoption. We believe our God is big and can move mountains and will continue to show us how to finish this strong and give Him all the glory. So we are again humbling ourselves and letting everyone know the need. Our hot tub is now being reduced to $3000, so if you know anyone who might want one, please send them our way. Please share all our information with anyone you wish.
So . . . to start with, we are collecting as many items as we can for a yard sale. I am not sure of the date yet, but I believe it will be early September. We made $2000 on our other yard sale, so now we will see what we can do for this one in Carmel. I have another idea that came to mind, but need to run it by my friend. If you have any Godly inspirations, please don't hesitate to let us know.
PS: Just a side note, Kristina is in need of immediate oral surgery for infections and tooth issues from years of neglect. She goes in on Thursday for her first one, removing 5 teeth. Please keep her in your prayers about this for the next month or so. It will be a long process and it can't wait. Thanks.

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